M/S Samba

The M/S Samba is a Dutch-built motor sailor. Equipped with teak decks it was built in 1966 as a luxury private yacht, the Samba is now a perfectly re-imagined cruise boat specialized for Galapagos Islands vacations.

The M/S Samba is truly one of the most sought after cruise boats in the Galapagos. It is usually booked solid for the whole year way in advance. Reason for this is its exceptional itineraries and guides. You will usually cruise the islands with the owner of the boat as your guide. He is very experienced and treats his guests just like an owner should.

On board the Samba you will have two great week-long itineraries to choose from. This is another advantage of the Samba which only does 8-day long itineraries and does not cut or split their itineraries to provide for a more intimate and hassle-free experience. On the Samba’s SouthEastern and Central itinerary you will visit the iconic islands of Floreana and Española in style and get to catch a glimpse and a perfect pic of Pinnacle Rock the renowned Galapagos sight featured in movies such as Master and Commander. A great itinerary on a great boat!

Connoisseur Tip: 

The cream of the crop itinerary aboard the Samba is hands down the NorthWestern itinerary which visits 4 of the 5 top 5 islands in the Galapagos, which include; Isabela, Fernandina, Genovesa and Floreana Islands! This is one of the best itineraries you will find in the Galapagos. And with the guidance of the yacht’s owner, you are in for an unforgettable experience!

Come aboard the Samba, and experience the fun and adventure the Galapagos Islands have to offer!

M/S Samba: Oceanic Forces and Enchanted Land: South/East and Central Route

Day 1:  (Tuesday) 

AM – Arrival to Baltra Airport / Transfer to the boat

PM – Santa Cruz Island: Highlands of Santa Cruz

Day 2:  (Wednesday) 

AM – Floreana Island: Punta Cormorant / Champion Islet

PM – Floreana Island: Post Office Bay & Baroness Lookout Point

Day 3:  (Thursday) 

AM – Española Island: Punta Suarez

PM – Española Island: Gardner Bay & Gardner Rock

Day 4:  (Friday) 

AM – San Cristobal Island: Lobos Island & Kicker Rock

PM – San Cristobal Island: Pitt Point

Day 5:  (Saturday) 

AM – Santa Fe Island: Barrington Bay

PM – South Plaza Island / Punta Carrion

Day 6:  (Sunday) 

AM – Chinese Hat Islet

PM – Bartholomew Island

Day 7:  (Monday) 

AM – Santiago Island: James Bay

PM – Rabida Island

Day 8:  (Tuesday) 

AM – North Seymour Island / Transfer to Baltra Airport

M/S Samba: Pristine and Born of Fire: NorthWestern Route

Day 1:  (Tuesday) 

AM – Arrival to Baltra Airport / Transfer to the boat

PM – Mosquera Islet

Day 2:  (Wednesday) 

AM – Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay

PM – Genovesa Island: Prince Phillip’s Step / El Barranco

Day 3:  (Thursday) 

AM – Marchena Island: Punta Mejia

PM – Marchena Island: Black Beach

Day 4:  (Friday) 

AM – Isabela Island: Albermarle Point

PM – Isabela Island: Punta Vicente Roca

Day 5:  (Saturday) 

AM – Fernandina Island: Punta Espinosa

PM – Isabela Island: Urbina Bay

Day 6:  (Sunday) 

AM -Isabela Island: Elizabeth Bay

PM – Isabela Island: Punta Moreno

Day 7:  (Monday) 

AM – Floreana Island: Asilo de la Paz / Cerro Alleri

PM – Floreana Island: La Loberia

Day 8:  (Tuesday) 

AM – Santa Cruz Island: Highland Santa Cruz  / Transfer to Baltra Airport

M/S Samba 2020 Rates

Samba Galapagos Cruise 2020 Rates

*Prices are subject to change. Please inquire with your Connoisseur, we can usually get better rates than the ones above mentioned.

Accommodation and Amenities:  

The Samba accommodates 14 guests, a perfect number to enjoy the magic of the Islands with privacy and flexibility. Its professional, experienced and friendly crew and naturalist guide are devoted to going the extra mile to make your journey a trip of a lifetime. The upper deck with an outside dining area and sun protection is ideal for bird and marine life watching. On the main deck, an outside area with reading, resting and also eating space; and inside, there is a dining salon with a library with TV/VCR and Stereo. Here is where briefings and conference-talks are given and planning for the next day activities takes place. The foredeck has enough space for sunbathing, dolphin watching or just to relax and observe marine life and the beautiful landscape of the islands. The ample and comfortable space on deck makes this boat ideal for nature and photography cruises.

6 air-conditioned double cabins and 1 exterior double bed cabin, all with private bathrooms and hot water. An ample dining-room/salon connects to an outdoor dining facility with large tables, 32″ High Definition LCD TV, DVD video equipment, sound-system, mini-library with books and videos and a small bar.


  • All meals and activities throughout the cruise
  • Bilingual national park guide
  • Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, and fins)
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Wetsuit

Not included

  • $100 (Subject to change) Galapagos National Park entrance fee
  • Galapagos Transit Control Card ($20)
  • Airfare from mainland Ecuador
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages consumed onboard
  • Gratuities
  • Cancellation/medical insurance

All prices per person in US dollars.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

10% Surcharge for Christmas and New Year departures

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M/S Samba

Trip Facts

  • Motor Sailor
  • Tourist-Superior
  • 14 pax
  • 75 ft
  • 18 ft
  • 8.5 knots
  • 6 crew members + 1 bilingual guide
  • III Level
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