Ecuador back to normal

Quito back to normal

Quito, October 15th, 2019 By: Andrés Salazar

Ecuador back to normal
View of Quito from the Itchimbia Neighborhood

What happened to tours during the riots…

After close to two weeks of pretty violent protests in Ecuador, the government came to an agreement on Sunday with the indigenous communities. Peace now reigns throughout the country.

It was 2 weeks of road blockages, riots in the street, curfews, and lack of mobility for most of the Ecuadorian population. The tourism industry suffered many losses and had to cancel various tours and experiences.

I had a client that had booked 2 shared tours with us. Her first tour was to the Historic Center in Quito and the Equator Park on October 3rd. She was able to visit the Historic Center. Our guide navigated throughout the Historic Center, avoiding the riots which began that day. Unfortunately, the tour was cut short, the road to the Equator park was closed.

The next day, the same client had a Mindo Cloudforest tour. This tour had to be canceled because of the riots.

I felt bad about the cancellations. Nevertheless, my client was very understanding and did not blame me or Galapagos Connoisseur. However, on Monday morning, I received a message from her telling me her flights had been canceled. She asked if she could visit the Equator park. I didn’t have any tours scheduled and was able to pick her up myself. We went to the Equator park together.

Back to normal

Furthermore, I was able to attest that the city was finally back to normal. The streets were clear, the tunnel that takes you down to the valley was operating normally, and the Ruta Viva (Highway that takes you to the airport) was being cleared and had no blockages. The airport was functional and I saw planes land and take off. My client was staying at a hotel close to the airport and we took the back highway called Collas. The Collas highway takes you to the northernmost part of Quito quickly. It took us about 30 minutes to reach the Equator park from the airport. I love this new route, it cuts travel time in half and has very little traffic.

The Equator monument and Quito back to normal
Equator Monument in all its glory

We had a great time at the Equator. I was surprised at how fun the Equator Park is. They renovated the park about 1 year ago and it’s looking great. I have created a cool Equator Park tour which I’m sure you will love.

Quito back to normal and looking oh so beautiful
I love Quito it’s so beautiful

Final thoughts … Is Ecuador back to normal?

Today (October 15th) I visited a great new restaurant in the Colonial part of town. I’m creating a Cooking Class at this restaurant which has the best views of Quito hands down.

I’m glad everything is back to normal in Ecuador. Additionally, I’m happy Quito was not too damaged. I love Quito and cant wait to share my home town with you and all my future guests.

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